About Us


Our Team

Ryan Construction Co., LLC, is an experienced construction contracting company with a proven track record of success on a variety of water and sewer utility projects.

Key Ryan Construction Co. personnel include:

Patrick Ryan, Member

Adam Ryan, Member

Steve McKay, Project Manager

Danielle Watts, Office Manager

Ben Garner, Superintendent 

Ryan Construction Co. has completed projects for organizations such as MoDOT, FAA, Corps of Engineers, KDOT, MoDNR, EPA, Rural Development and CDBG. We've also worked for many cities, counties, water districts and sewer districts in Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas, as well as with numerous construction companies and private businesses.


Four Principles for Success

We use these four guiding principles to deliver successful projects that meet the owner's needs and budget. 

1. Using our demonstrated experience and know-how to perform every project, regardless of specific considerations or challenges.

2. Placing a priority on organizing the paperwork and administration required to complete a project.

3. Understanding the importance of coordinating with and assisting other entities that are involved in the project.

4. Making workplace safety the highest priority for all those on the job.


Our Approach

Ryan Construction Co. believes that knowing what you're doing, keeping track of the details, working well with others and functioning in a safe environment always results in a quality project. We have a demonstrated track record of delivering projects on time and on budget.